Self Motivation is Key to a Successful Weight Loss Journey

Self Motivation is Key to a Successful Weight Loss Journey

A New Year has just begun.For many, to lose weight this year may be one of your resolutions list to your weight loss journey. Maybe it’s in your priority list and may have been putting a lot of efforts for long, with diets, exercise, and what have you. But something prevents you from reaching your destination or goal… to lose weight.

But what you should not forget all the time is that there are so called ‘invisible saboteurs’. They sabotage your plans, and they keep you away from holding to your dreams to lose weight and look slim and fit. They creep into you and your desire in the guise like a good guy. Sooner or latter they turn out to be not.

So let’s have a look at certain things that may be keeping you away from grabbing your goals to strip the fat and lose some weight. It’s SIMPLE, so keep it simple and stay focused. But remember at the end of the day it’s not diet, work-outs, exercises that determine the success of your weight loss journey but the determination and preparedness of your whole being to look slim and healthy. And to be prepared and determined, you need to stay focused. Keep motivated and do not lose the sight of your focus; that is to lose weight and eventually look sexy. In short, wear your desire to your sleeve.

But how do you stay focused and determined and not lose sight of the goals ahead of you in your weight loss journey? Well I want to highlight for you a few things you need to keep in mind.

# FAMILIARITY. You know familiarity breeds boredom. Familiarity tends to make you to take things for granted. It applies to diets, same exercise, same workouts… everyday. Sooner or later you get bored with doing the same stuffs over and over again. At some point in time, you will want to call it quits. Remember, quitters never win; winners never quit. So stay focused and hold on to your desires.And keep feeding yourself the desire to lose weight and stay on course your weight loss journey. Don’t wait for others to motivate you. Motivate yourself.

Now here is the solution to the problem i have highlighted above. Imaginations and innovations have no boundaries. So innovate yourself. And the same thing can be done in different ways. The problem is we only limit ourselves and do nothing that we want to do. When you Open your mind and see the vastness of the potential, you can accomplish wonderful things. Nothing works inside a closed mind.

# Laziness is a major hurdle to those who desire to succeed. It can be a ‘disease’ for you in the long run. So to avoid being lazy, one important question you need to ask yourself is, how important is the goal to you, what does this goal to lose weight mean to me? Why to lose weight? See the end result, the benefits. Slim, fit, healthy and sexy looking!

Another important thing to keep you away from laziness is to reward yourself even for the small things you accomplish in your weight loss journey. It will let you move on. Rewarding yourself is the best moral booster and the cure to laziness. Try it; when you have accomplished in reducing a bit of weight, give yourself a nice treat.

And finally, remove all kinds of negativity out of your mind. Instead, be positive. Focus on the positive side of things. Sooner or later you will be able to accomplish what you set out to do.

So self motivating yourself is key here if you really want to be successful in losing weight in your weight loss journey. In the end, it’s not the diets, it’s not the exercises, it’s not the weight loss instructor, but it’s your preparedness and undivided determination that counts.

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